INVESCO SENIOR INCOME TRUST (VVR)       3.89  +0.04 (+1.04%)

3.89  +0.04 (+1.04%)


Technical Rating


Overall VVR gets a technical rating of 6 out of 10. In the last year, VVR was an average performer in the market. There are positive signs in the very recent evolution, but the medium term picture is still mixed.

The long term trend is still neutral, but the short term trend is positive, so the stock is getting more and more appreciated by traders and investors.
In the last month VVR has a been trading in the 3.69 - 3.95 range, which is quite wide. It is currently trading near the high of this range.
Prices have been consolidating recently, this may present a good entry opportunity.
When comparing the performance of all stocks over the past year, VVR turns out to be only a medium performer in the overall market: it outperformed 54% of all stocks.
VVR is currently trading in the lower part of its 52 week range, which is not a good signal. Agreed, the S&P500 Index is also not doing fantastic, but it still sitting in the middle of its 52 week range.


1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months 3.77% -1.03% -3.27% -13.87% SMA(20) SMA(50) SMA(100) SMA(200) RS 52 Wk Range ST Trend LT Trend 54.53 3.63 - 4.53
VVR Weekly chart
VVR Daily chart

Support/Resistance Analysis


2 important support areas can be observed.
  • A support zone ranging from 3.74 to 3.87. This zone is formed by a combination of multiple trend lines and important moving averages in multiple time frames.
  • A support zone ranging from 3.65 to 3.66. This zone is formed by a combination of multiple trend lines in multiple time frames.
We can see 3 important resistance areas.
  • A resistance zone ranging from 3.90 to 3.90. This zone is formed by a combination of multiple trend lines in the daily time frame.
  • Resistance @4.01 from a horizontal line in the daily time frame.
  • Resistance @4.43 from a horizontal line in the weekly time frame.

Setup Analysis

Setup Rating


Although the technical rating is only medium, VVR does present a nice setup opportunity. Prices have been consolidating lately. There is a support zone below the current price at 3.85, a Stop Loss order could be placed below this zone. Another positive sign is the recent Pocket Pivot signal.

  • A Pocket Pivot is a price/volume accumulation pattern. A Pocket Pivot occurs when price moves up with volume higher than the maximum down volume registered in the previous 10 days.

Possible Trading Setup

Given the decent technical rating and the setup score, we can suggest the following trade.

3.913.780.13 (3.32%)25.00%
An entry @3.91. This is a Buy Stop order right above the resistance zone.An exit @3.78. This is a Stop Loss order right below the 10 day low.The worst case loss on the trade is limited to 0.13 points, which is 3.32%.For a 0.83% total portfolio risk, you can invest 25.00% of your capital in this trade.

  • The generated setup is based on the nearest support and resistance areas. If you are looking for a more long term trade, probably a wider stop is advisable.
  • This trade setup was generated fully automatically and should not be interpreted as trading advice. Always check the related news for upcoming earnings or other events. Make your own analysis and trade at your own responsibility.
VVR Daily chart


NYSE:VVR (11/28/2022, 11:49:08 AM)+0.04 (+1.04%)

Chartmill TA Rating
Chartmill Setup Rating
GICS Sector N/A
GICS Industry N/A
Today 1.04% 1 Week 0.26%
2 Weeks -0.26% 1 Month 3.77%
3 Month -1.03% 6 Month -3.27%
ATR(14) 0.06 ATR(20)% 1.56%
ATR Inc 25.04% Range Today 0.04
Trend & SMA
ST Trend LT Trend
SMA(5) SMA(10)
SMA(20) SMA(50)
SMA(100) SMA(200)
Relative Strength & Ranges
CRS 54.53 Mansfield -0.2
10 Day High 3.95 10 Day Low 3.79
20 Day High 3.95 20 Day Low 3.69
52 Week High 4.53 52 Week Low 3.63
CS1 End 3.85 CR1 Start 3.86
Volume & EV
DER(3) -4.95% DER(5) -0.02%
Volume 422.13K Volume Incr -12.05%
Vol(5) 745.58K Vol(50) 790.50K

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