ELDORADO GOLD CORP (EGO)       9.35  -0.18 (-1.89%)

9.35  -0.18 (-1.89%)

CA2849021035 - Common Stock - After market: 9.35 0 (0%)

Fundamental Rating


Overall EGO gets a fundamental rating of 3 out of 10. We evaluated EGO against 981 industry peers in the Metals & Mining industry. Both the profitability and financial health of EGO have multiple concerns. EGO is quite expensive at the moment. It does show a decent growth rate.

Note: EGO has only limited data available, so a full analysis was not possible, which makes the total rating unfair.


Profitability Rating


EGO has a quite weak Piotroski-F score of 3.00. This indicates issues in the health and profitability of EGO.

VS Industry


Valuation Rating


When comparing the current price to the book value of EGO, it is valued rather cheaply. It is trading at 0.55 times its book value.
Compared to an average industry price book ratio of 1.69, EGO is valued rather cheaply. On top of this, EGO is cheaper than 89% of the companies listed in the same industry.
With a Forward Price/Earnings Ratio of 20.92, EGO is valued rather expensively.
Compared to an average industry Enterprise Value to EBITDA ratio of 5.80, EGO is valued in line with its industry peers.

The Price/Earnings Ratio is 116.88, which means the current valuation is very expensive for EGO.
Compared to an average industry Price/Earning Ratio of 11.87, EGO is valued more expensive than its industry peers. On top of this 99% of the companies listed in the same industry are cheaper than EGO!
The high PEG Ratio, which compensates the Price/Earnings for growth, indicates an expensive valuation of the company.
VS Industry

Price/Earnings (116.88) VS Industry: 1% outperformed.


Price/Book (0.55) VS Industry: 89% outperformed.


Enterprise Value/ EBITDA (5.92) VS Industry: 48% outperformed.



Growth Rating


The Earnings Per Share is expected to grow by 26.53% on average over the next 5 years. This is a very strong growth
When comparing the EPS growth rate of the last 5 years to the growth rate of the upcoming 5 years, we see that the growth is accelerating.
Measured over the past 5 years, EGO shows a quite strong growth in Revenue. The Revenue has been growing by 16.81% on average per year.
EGO is expected to show quite a strong growth in Revenue. In the coming 5 years, the Revenue will grow by 13.67% yearly.

The Earnings Per Share has been growing slightly by 9.86% on average over the past 5 years.
The Revenue growth is stable: in the next 5 years the growth will be about the same than in the last 5 years.
The earnings per share for EGO have decreased strongly by -90.36% in the last year.
The Revenue for EGO has decreased by -10.70% in the past year. This is quite bad

EPS9.86% N/A -90.36% -98.95% -16.44% 4.17% 26.53%
Revenue16.81% 27.03% -10.7% -4.68% 4.85% 5.55% 13.67%


Health Rating


EGO has a Current Ratio of 3.61. This indicates that EGO is financially healthy and has no problem in meeting its short term obligations.
EGO has a Quick Ratio of 2.39. This indicates that EGO is financially healthy and has no problem in meeting its short term obligations.
EGO has a Current Ratio comparable to the industry average, which is at 2.63.
The Quick Ratio is in line with the industry averages, which is at 2.24.

Compared to an average industry Debt to Equity Ratio of 0.00, EGO is requires more financing than its industry peers. 82% of its industry peers have a better Debt to Equity Ratio.
Based on the Altman-Z score of 0.40, we must say that EGO is in the distress zone and has some risk of bankruptcy.
When comparing the Altman-Z score of EGO to the average industry Altman-Z score of 2.68, EGO is less financially healthy than its industry peers.
The Piotroski-F score of EGO is 3.00. This is a low score and indicates issues in the health and profitability of EGO.
VS Industry

Debt/Equity (0.16) VS Industry: 18% outperformed.


Quick Ratio (2.39) VS Industry: 52% outperformed.


Current Ratio (3.61) VS Industry: 58% outperformed.


Altman-Z (0.4) VS Industry: 34% outperformed.



Dividend Rating


EGO does not give a dividend.


NYSE:EGO (2/3/2023, 7:04:00 PM)-0.18 (-1.89%)

After market: 9.35 0 (0%)

Chartmill FA Rating
GICS Sector Materials
GICS IndustryGroup Materials
GICS Industry Metals & Mining
Earnings (Last) 10-12 2022-10-12/amc Earnings (Next) 02-22 2023-02-22
Inst Owners 59.12% Inst Owner Change 0.53%
Ins Owners N/A Ins Owner Change N/A
Market Cap 1.73B Analysts 72
Price Target 10.63 (13.69%)

Industry RankSector Rank
Dividend Yield N/A
Dividend Growth(5Y) N/A DP 0%
Div Incr Years N/A Div Non Decr Years N/A
Ex-Date N/A

Surprises & Revisions
EPS beat(2) N/A Avg EPS beat(2) -79.97%
Min EPS beat(2) -134.89% Max EPS beat(2) -25.04%
EPS beat(4) 1 Avg EPS beat(4) -86.18%
Min EPS beat(4) -192.97% Max EPS beat(4) 8.18%
Revenue beat(2) N/A Avg Revenue beat(2) -20.13%
Min Revenue beat(2) -24.48% Max Revenue beat(2) -15.77%
Revenue beat(4) 1 Avg Revenue beat(4) -13.7%
Min Revenue beat(4) -24.48% Max Revenue beat(4) 1.09%
PT rev (1m) 4.55% PT rev (3m) 12.86%
EPS NQ rev (1m) 0% EPS NQ rev (3m) -16.76%
EPS NY rev (1m) 0% EPS NY rev (3m) -96.81%
Revenue NQ rev (1m) 0% Revenue NQ rev (3m) 5.69%
Revenue NY rev (1m) 0% Revenue NY rev (3m) -6.87%

Industry RankSector Rank
PE 116.88
Fwd PE 20.92
P/S 1.98
P/OCF 7.57
P/B 0.55
P/tB 0.56
EPS(TTM) 0.08 EY 0.86%
EPS(NY) 0.45 Fwd EY 4.78%
OCF(TTM) 1.23 OCFY 13.21%
SpS 4.71 BVpS 17.11
TBVpS 16.61 PEG (NY) N/A
PEG (5Y) 11.86

Industry RankSector Rank
ROICexc 2.15%
ROICexgc 2.2%
OM 12.36%
GM 23.36%
ROICexgc(3y) 3.41% ROICexcg growth 3Y N/A
ROICexcg growth 5Y 20.87% ROICexc(3y) 3.33%
ROICexc growth 3Y N/A ROICexc growth 5Y 20.33%
OM growth 3Y N/A OM growth 5Y 5.37%
PM growth 3Y N/A PM growth 5Y N/A
GM growth 3Y 19.1% GM growth 5Y -3.94%
F-Score 3 Asset Turnover 0.2

Industry RankSector Rank
Debt/Equity 0.16
Debt/FCF N/A
Debt/EBITDA 1.6
Cap/Depr 135.99%
Profit Quality N/A
Current Ratio 3.61
Quick Ratio 2.39
Altman-Z 0.4
F-Score 3 WACC 8.38%
ROIC/WACC 0.26 Cap/Depr(3y) 117.97%
Cap/Depr(5y) 210.57% Profit Quality(3y) N/A
Profit Quality(5y) N/A

EPS 1Y -90.36% EPS 3Y N/A
EPS 5Y 9.86% EPS growth Q2Q -118.18%
EPS Next Y -98.95% EPS Next 2Y -16.44%
EPS Next 3Y 4.17% EPS Next 5Y 26.53%
Revenue growth 1Y -10.7% Revenue growth 3Y 27.03%
Revenue growth 5Y 16.81% Revenue growth Q2Q -8.7%
Revenue Next Year -4.68% Revenue Next 2Y 4.85%
Revenue Next 3Y 5.55% Revenue Next 5Y 13.67%
EBIT growth 1Y -49.9% EBIT growth 3Y N/A
EBIT growth 5Y 23.08% EBIT Next Year 48.31%
EBIT Next 3Y 33.06% EBIT Next 5Y 35.03%
FCF growth 1Y -133.46% FCF growth 3Y N/A
FCF growth 5Y N/A OCF growth 1Y -40.4%
OCF growth 3Y 75.1% OCF growth 5Y 26.09%

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