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This configuration of the stock screener was created based on the rules described in the book "The little book that makes you rich", by Louis Navellier. The book defines eight criteria that should be met before a stock qualifies as growth stock which fits the system. These eight rules were converted into screener settings and there is a linked article available which discusses this screen a bit deeper.

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Louis Navellier's Little Book That Makes You Rich – Screener Settings

A stock screener based on the rules and strategy described in the book "The little book that makes you rich", by Louis Navellier.

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A beginner's guide to growth investing: Reflections on "The little Book That Makes You Rich" by Louis Navellier.

The Little Book That Makes You Rich is a beginners guide to investing in the stock market, with a focus on growth investing. The author, Louis Navellier, provides a framework for identifying and investing in high-growth companies, and offers insights on how to build a diversified portfolio. The book also includes information on market trends and strategies for managing risk. It is one of several books Navellier has written on investing and personal finance. ChartMill has translated the rules in the book into a trading idea that allows you to look for stocks that meet the selection criteria.

Stock Screener Settings

EPS growth Q2Q>=15%

Earnings growth

Revenue growth 1Y>=20%

Increasing sales growth

EPS 1Y>=15%

Earnings growth


Positive Earnings Momentum

Revenue growth Q2Q>=20%

Increasing sales growth

EPS suprise (last 4): EPS(4): At least 3 beat

Positive Earnings Surprises

Exchange: US Only

Only US stocks

FCF growth 1Y>=15%

Strong Cash Flow

OM growth 1Y>=2%

Expanding Operating Margin

EPS Revision NQ(3m)>4%

The EPS estimate for the next quarter has been increased with at least 4% in the last 3 months

EPS suprise (last 4): EPS(4): Average Surprise Above 10%

Positive Earnings Surprises


High return on Equity

Chart Settings

Default charts

Regional Run

Run this screen in your favorite region. You can always further fine tune the screen by changing the general settings after it opened in the screener.