O'Neill CANSLIM High Growth screen

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This is a base stock screener configuration for the CANSLIM system introduced by William O'Neill. It is intended as a starting point and the settings are discussed in more detail in the linked article. CANSLIM is a system with strong fundamental criteria related mostly to EPS growth, but also has some pure technical requirements as well as entry and exit rules.

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Finding High Growth Market Leaders | a CANSLIM Trading Idea by ChartMill

Finding High Growth Market Leaders is a popular strategy. However, spotting these specific stocks is not easy. In this video, I show you how to quickly and accurately create a basic first list of stocks to consider using the O'Neill CANSLIM Trading Idea by ChartMill. The parameters used come from the book "How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times and Bad" by William O'Neil. The book was first published in 1988 and has been revised repeatedly since then. In the book, fundamental criteria are used to determine which stocks meet the requirements, technical criteria combined with a general analysis of market direction further determine when to buy the stock.

Stock Screener Settings

Revenue growth Q2Q>=25%

A Minimum Q2Q revenue growth of 25%


A relative strength above 75


A minimum ROE of 10%


A debt to equity ratio below 2

Average Volume: 50 SMA > 100K

A minimum of 100K shares per day traded on average to ensure liquidity

EPS 3Y>=25%

3 Year EPS growth of 25% CAGR

Inst Owners<=85%

Institutional ownership below 85%

EPS growth Q2Q>=20%

A minimum Q2Q EPS growth of 20%

Exchange: US Only

On the US markets

Chart Settings

Default settings

Regional Run

Run this screen in your favorite region. You can always further fine tune the screen by changing the general settings after it opened in the screener.