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Is NASDAQ:DXCM a Fit for Growth Investing Strategies?

By Mill Chart

Last update: Nov 22, 2023

In this article we will dive into DEXCOM INC (NASDAQ:DXCM) as a possible candidate for growth investing. Investors should always do their own research, but we noticed DEXCOM INC showing up in our Louis Navellier growth screen, which makes it worth to investigate a bit more.

A Deep Dive into DEXCOM INC's Growth Metrics.

  • DEXCOM INC demonstrates a strong Return on Equity(ROE) of 16.62%. This indicates the company's ability to generate favorable returns for shareholders and reflects its efficient utilization of capital. DEXCOM INC shows promising potential for continued success.
  • DEXCOM INC has consistently surpassed EPS estimates in the last 4 quarters, reflecting its strong financial performance and effective management. This trend suggests the company's ability to generate positive earnings surprises and drive shareholder value.
  • The 1-year revenue growth of DEXCOM INC (21.85%) has been strong, reflecting the company's ability to generate consistent sales growth. This growth suggests the company's ability to meet customer needs and expand its market share.
  • With impressive quarter-to-quarter (Q2Q) revenue growth of 26.69%, DEXCOM INC showcases its ability to generate increased sales and revenue. This growth indicates the company's strong customer demand and its effective business strategies.
  • With a favorable trend in its operating margin over the past year, DEXCOM INC demonstrates its ability to enhance profitability through efficient operations. This growth reflects the company's focus on optimizing its cost structure.
  • DEXCOM INC has experienced notable growth in its free cash flow (FCF) over the past year, signaling improved cash generation and strong financial performance. This growth suggests the company's ability to generate excess cash for reinvestment or shareholder returns.
  • DEXCOM INC has shown positive momentum in its earnings per share (EPS) on a quarter-to-quarter (Q2Q) basis, with a 78.57% increase. This reflects the company's successful execution of its business strategies and its commitment to delivering improved financial results.
  • DEXCOM INC has seen a 10.41% change in the average next Quarter EPS Estimate by analysts over the last 3 months, signaling the shifting perception of the company's EPS outlook.
  • The recent financial report of DEXCOM INC demonstrates a 78.57% increase in quarterly earnings compared to the previous quarter. This growth indicates positive momentum in the company's financials and suggests a promising upward trend
  • DEXCOM INC shows accelerating EPS growth: when comparing the current Q2Q growth of 78.57% to the previous year Q2Q growth of 25.84%, we see the growth rate improving.

What is the full fundamental picture of NASDAQ:DXCM telling us.

At ChartMill, a crucial aspect of their analysis is the assignment of a Fundamental Rating to each stock. This rating, ranging from 0 to 10, is calculated daily by considering numerous fundamental indicators and properties.

We assign a fundamental rating of 7 out of 10 to DXCM. DXCM was compared to 202 industry peers in the Health Care Equipment & Supplies industry. DXCM has an excellent profitability rating, but there are some minor concerns on its financial health. DXCM is not overvalued while it is showing excellent growth. This is an interesting combination. With these ratings, DXCM could be worth investigating further for growth investing!.

Check the latest full fundamental report of DXCM for a complete fundamental analysis.

More growth stocks can be found in our Lois Navellier screen.

Keep in mind

Important Note: The content of this article is not intended as trading advice. It is essential to perform your own analysis and exercise caution when making trading decisions. The article presents observations created by automated analysis but does not guarantee any trading or investment outcomes. Always trade responsibly and make independent judgments.



NASDAQ:DXCM (2/23/2024, 7:00:01 PM)

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