Strong Stocks near New High

Strong Stocks near New High Image

This screen finds strong stocks near a new high. This list allows you to find stocks 'about to make a new high'. Good bases still need to be found either by further filtering or by manual inspection.

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Strong stocks are consistent strong performers in the market

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Popular Screens: Strong Stocks near New High

Learn how to find the strongest stocks in the market nearing a new high.

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Relative Strength

Relative Strength measures price performance of a stock relative to the other stocks in the market.

Stock Screener Settings

Average Volume: 50 SMA > 500K

This filters only keeps stocks with a minimum average daily volume of 500K.

Price: Above 10

This filter keeps only stocks that are trading higher than 10. Usually high growth stock investors ignore low priced stocks.

Signal: Strong Stocks

This filters for strong stocks. Strong stocks are stocks with a high relative strength, but also a regular trend.

Signal2: Near 52 week High

This filters for stocks near a new 52 week high.


Chart Settings

The chart shows the default settings: the 50 and 200 SMA and support and resistance lines.

Regional Run

Run this screen in your favorite region. You can always further fine tune the screen by changing the general settings after it opened in the screener.