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ChartMill.com provides a suite of tools, blending advanced Technical Analysis with deep Fundamental insights, giving you the edge in today's dynamic markets.

ChartMill Website Overview

Comprehensive Screening

Quickly and intuitively find your next trading or investment idea, leveraging both Technical and Fundamental filters.

Fundamental Insights

Delve into in-depth financial metrics, long-term averages, and crucial earnings data. Our Fundamental Analysis Tools equip you with the insights needed for sustainable growth in your investment portfolio.

Technical Analysis Tools

Chart and Candlestick Patterns, Advanced Technical Indicators – our platform provides the tools you need to master technical analysis.

Learn and Grow

Explore our vast documentation and video library to enhance your knowledge. Our resources help you become a seasoned trader or investor.

Built for Your Convenience

Pre-configured screens from famous systems and books give you a head start. Personalize screens and views according to your own unique approach.

Maximize Profits, Minimize Risks

Our Position Sizing Tool helps you manage risk effectively. WatchLists and Alerts ensure you never miss an opportunity in the dynamic markets.

Stock Analysis

All data you need to analyze a stock in a single place

ChartMill profile pages contain an in-depth overview of everything you need to know before entering a trade or investment. This includes a wide scope of technical and fundamental metrics and even complete Technical and Fundamental Reports.

ChartMill Fundamental Reports

Fundamental Analysis Reports

A Fundamental Analysis Report is available for every stock in our database and is updated daily. These reports are easy to understand and analyze the Profitability, Growth, Health, Valuation and Dividend aspects of a stock.

Proprietary ratings are assigned for each aspect and give you a high level impression of the fundamentals for the stock you are looking at.

Trading and Investment Ideas

Get a head start with our library of pre-configured screens.

ChartMill provides a huge library of pre-configured screens to get you started. You can easily fine tune these screens to your own needs.

Combining Technical and Fundamental Analysis for Position Trading in High Growth systems, Swing Trading based on Technical Analysis or pure Fundamental Analysis for long term Growth, Value or Quality investments ... it's all there!

O'Neill CANSLIM High Growth screen Image

O'Neill CANSLIM High Growth screen

Mark Minervini - Trend Template + FA Screen 6 Image

Mark Minervini - Trend Template + FA Screen 6

Martin Zweig: Growth at Reasonable Price  Image

Martin Zweig: Growth at Reasonable Price

Strong Growth Stocks with good Technical Setup Ratings Image

Strong Growth Stocks with good Technical Setup Ratings

James O’Shaughnessy: Tiny Titans Image

James O’Shaughnessy: Tiny Titans


A Stock Screener

Quickly find your next trade or investment with our Stock Screener.

The heart of ChartMill is one of the most advanced Stock Screeners on the market.

Filter, search, sort based on Technical and Fundamental Analysis Criteria and show the results how you want to see them.

Technical Stock Screener

Technical Stock Screener

A wide range of technical filters help you to quickly find breakout or pullback setups.

Relative Strength, Performance, Moving Averages or ChartMill Ratings help you to find the strongest stocks, while you can use the ChartMill Setup Rating, Support and Resistance or Chart Patterns to detect consolidations.

Seeing the results as charts allow you to scan many charts in a short period of time.

Learn and Grow

Provided by Traders and Investors

Each ChartMill Founder has at least 20 years of experience in the markets. Learning material in the form of Articles, Videos and Blog posts are available and are also continously extended.

You can find the most recent additions below.

And much more ...


Insider trades and ownership
Institutional Ownership
Analyst ratings, price targets, up and down grades.
Long term EPS, Revenue, EBIT and EBITDA estimates.
Stock Charts and annotations
Position Sizing Tool
Sector tool
Excellent support

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