Fundamental Reports and Ratings

Our stock screener or analyzer modules present a fundamental report when the fundamental data for the stock is available.. A screenshot of such a report is presented below:

This article will discuss the various components which are discussed in the fundamental report. The overall fundamental score is composed of five components, being.

  1. Growth
  2. Valuation
  3. Health (financial)
  4. Profitability
  5. Dividend

Each of these components consists of multiple key figures and ratios (which can also be found in the stockscreener under the 'fundamental' tab). The 5 ratings are a weighted score of individual fundamental properties as presented in the chart below:

Besides the items displayed in the chart, other fundamental criteria are used as well. Depending on the criteria, it will be evaluated on an absolute basis or it will be compared with the sector peers of the subject under analysis.

The container concepts Growth, Valuation, Health, Profitability and Dividend offer a high level view and have the advantage that they are clear concepts which makes sense, also to people who are not so familiar with the specific fundamental terminology.

You can check these ratings for any stock in different places:

  • The analyzer: the report can be found on the 'fundamental' tab in the results
  • The stock screener: the results can be displayed as fundamental reports by selecting the 'fundamental report' as view.
  • The stock charts: the results can be displayed as fundamental reports by selecting the 'fundamental report' as view.
  • The stock profile page: on the 'fundamental analysis' page

The Fundamental Ratings in the Stock Screener

In our stock screener you can filter on the ChartMill Ratings. On the Fundamental tab, right on top you will see 5 sliders which allow you to configure these ratings:

You can check the exact values of the properties in both the ChartMill Ratings or Fundamental views.


These are just a few simple examples of what's possible with our stock screener. Of course, these predefined ratings can be further supplemented with numerous individual technical or fundamental filters.

The ChartMill Team