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Uncovering Dividend Opportunities with NYSE:UPS.

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Last update: Nov 23, 2023

UNITED PARCEL SERVICE-CL B (NYSE:UPS) has caught the attention of dividend investors as a stock worth considering. NYSE:UPS excels in profitability, solvency, and liquidity, all while providing a decent dividend. Let's delve into the details.

Dividend Analysis for NYSE:UPS

ChartMill assigns a proprietary Dividend Rating to each stock. The score is computed by evaluating various valuation aspects, like the yield, the history, the dividend growth and sustainability. NYSE:UPS was assigned a score of 8 for dividend:

  • UPS has a Yearly Dividend Yield of 4.41%, which is a nice return.
  • UPS's Dividend Yield is rather good when compared to the industry average which is at 2.28. UPS pays more dividend than 100.00% of the companies in the same industry.
  • Compared to an average S&P500 Dividend Yield of 2.65, UPS pays a better dividend.
  • The dividend of UPS is nicely growing with an annual growth rate of 13.02%!
  • UPS has been paying a dividend for at least 10 years, so it has a reliable track record.
  • UPS has not decreased its dividend for at least 10 years, so it has a reliable track record of non decreasing dividend.

Deciphering NYSE:UPS's Health Rating

ChartMill employs a unique Health Rating system for all stocks. This rating, ranging from 0 to 10, is determined by analyzing various liquidity and solvency ratios. For NYSE:UPS, the assigned 5 for health provides valuable insights:

  • UPS has an Altman-Z score of 3.77. This indicates that UPS is financially healthy and has little risk of bankruptcy at the moment.
  • The Debt to FCF ratio of UPS is 3.80, which is a good value as it means it would take UPS, 3.80 years of fcf income to pay off all of its debts.
  • UPS's Debt to FCF ratio of 3.80 is fine compared to the rest of the industry. UPS outperforms 62.50% of its industry peers.

Looking at the Profitability

ChartMill's Profitability Rating offers a unique perspective on stock analysis, providing scores from 0 to 10. These ratings consider a wide range of profitability metrics and margins, both in comparison to industry peers and on their own merits. For NYSE:UPS, the assigned 9 is a significant indicator of profitability:

  • UPS has a better Return On Assets (12.17%) than 93.75% of its industry peers.
  • UPS has a Return On Equity of 44.64%. This is amongst the best in the industry. UPS outperforms 100.00% of its industry peers.
  • UPS has a Return On Invested Capital of 14.08%. This is amongst the best in the industry. UPS outperforms 87.50% of its industry peers.
  • Measured over the past 3 years, the Average Return On Invested Capital for UPS is significantly above the industry average of 9.84%.
  • The Profit Margin of UPS (9.19%) is better than 93.75% of its industry peers.
  • UPS's Profit Margin has improved in the last couple of years.
  • The Operating Margin of UPS (10.59%) is better than 87.50% of its industry peers.
  • In the last couple of years the Operating Margin of UPS has grown nicely.
  • UPS has a Gross Margin of 79.16%. This is amongst the best in the industry. UPS outperforms 100.00% of its industry peers.

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Keep in mind

This is not investing advice! The article highlights some of the observations at the time of writing, but you should always make your own analysis and invest based on your own insights.



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