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Above SMA(20) 2261 (33.96%)SMA(20)+Above SMA(50) 1820 (27.34%)SMA(50)+Above SMA(100) 1454 (21.84%)SMA(100)+Above SMA(200) 1610 (24.19%)SMA(200)+Advancing 5110 (76.76%)Adv+Declining 1301 (19.54%)Decl-Advancing +4% 1196 (17.97%)+4%Declining -4% 251 (3.77%)-4%New Highs 44 (0.66%)NHNew Lows 109 (1.64%)NLPocket Pivots 1632 (24.52%)PP

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10 hours ago - Barron's

The Stock Market’s Rally Is Real. It’s Still a Bear Market.

The S&P 500 can’t go down forever. Why it can bounce to 4150 before falling again.

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10 hours ago - Barron's

4 Takeaways From the Barron’s Investing in Tech Conference

Conference participants sounded caution about the next few quarters but expressed optimism about the long-term opportunities in tech.

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12 hours ago - BusinessInsider

Stocks Rebound From 2022 Lows As Market Digests Fed Chair Powell's Congressional Testimony

The SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSE: SPY) bounced back from its recent weakness in a holiday-shortened trading week, with all major indexes trading higher.

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13 hours ago - Chartmill

Which stocks are moving after the closing bell on Friday?

The US market regular session of Friday is over, let's have a look at the top gainers and losers in the after hours session today.

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14 hours ago - Straits Times

S&P 500 ends up 3.1% in strong finale to positive week

Dow Jones Industrial Average gains 2.7 per cent to end at 31,500.68.

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15 hours ago - Chartmill

Friday's session: top gainers and losers in the S&P500 index

Let's have a look at the top S&P500 gainers and losers one hour before the close of the markets of today's session.


New On ChartMill

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Jun 24, 2022

New Video Finding Trend Following Swing Trading Setups

How to use ChartMill to find trend following swing trading ideas? Watch the video...

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Jun 16, 2022

New Article added: Trend Following Swing Trading Strategy Guide

Learn about the key concepts of a Trend Following Swing Trading Strategy in this article.

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Jun 15, 2022

New video on how to handle these extreme volatile stock market times

Sentiment-driven decisions currently dominate the stock markets which is why you get such extreme price movements. As an investor you can have a well-founded opinion about this but being right is totally different than making money on the stock market... Watch the video!

Article Image
Jun 7, 2022

New video : how to use the ChartMill Analyzer Tool to find hiqh quality trading setups?

Picking good stocks to swing trade can be very time-consuming if you do it completely manually. Fortunately, this can be done a whole lot faster if you use a good stock screener like ChartMill. Watch the video!

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Jun 1, 2022

New video added in our screening and strategy section

How to find financially sound Growth, Value or Dividend stocks that quote at key technical levels? Watch the video!

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May 24, 2022

New video released: Alligator Indicator Explained + Trading Strategy

The Alligator Indicator, introduced by Bill Williams consists of three moving averages which are used to detect when a trend is emerging. Watch the Video!


A Stock Screener for traders and investors: Popular Screens

Check out some of our most popular screens. All screens can be found on the trading ideas page.

Technical Breakout Setups Image

Technical Breakout Setups

The Technical Breakout Setups will filter for stocks with a good Technical Rating and a good Setup Rating, leading to a list of breakout setups in the best performing stocks in the market.

Momentum Squeeze Play Setups Image

Momentum Squeeze Play Setups

This screen finds squeeze play setups on stocks that are in a strong uptrend. A squeeze play setup occurs when the Bollinger Bands are inside the Keltner channels. When this happens, the stock has been trading in a narrow range for a while. A major move could happen when the stock breaks out of this trading range.

Bull Flags Image

Bull Flags

This screen finds bull flag patterns. A bull flag is a consolidation after a strong upmove. The uptrend may continue when the stocks moves out of the consolidation zone.

Strong Growth Stock Technical Setups Image

Strong Growth Stock Technical Setups

The Strong Growth Stock Technical Setups combines Technical and Fundamental analysis and will filter for technical breakout patterns in stocks which are growing strongly while having decent profitability and health..


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