Valuation Screens - Decent Value Stocks

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This screen provides a selection of stocks that may be of interest to the value investor. Be sure to read the accompanying article for more detailed explanations regarding the use of the filters.

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Stock Screener Settings


The lower the Price to Earnings ratio, the cheaper the company and the more likely it is that the company in question is undervalued.

EPS Next Y>=5%

The same percentage is used as an outlook for the next year.

Current Ratio>=1.6

The current ratio measures the extent to which a company is able to meet its short-term financial obligations that fall due within one year (current liabilities)?


Debt / equity is used to determine the level of debt of a company. The total debt is compared with equity to understand the extent to which debt is used as a leverage to finance a company. Too much debt constitutes a risk in more volatile times if a company can no longer meet its obligations.

Dividend Yield>=1%

Companies that pay dividends will generally be considered to be on a more stable growth path.

EPS 5Y>=5%

If profits can be increased over several years, it is a good indication that it is a safe company which reduces your risk.

Chart Settings

To properly compare results, it is best to use a custom table view (more info in the article and video).

Regional Run

Run this screen in your favorite region. You can always further fine tune the screen by changing the general settings after it opened in the screener.