US16941R1086 - ADR

45.66  -0.13 (-0.28%)

After market: 45.66 0 (0%)

Buy % Consensus


ChartMill assigns a Buy % Consensus number of 72% to SNP. The Buy consensus is the weighted average rating of the current analysts ratings.

Analysts have set a mean price target forecast of 51.65. This target is 13.12% above the current price.
SNP was analyzed by 19 analysts. The buy percentage consensus is at 72. So analysts seem to be have mildly positive about SNP.
In the previous month the buy percentage consensus was at a similar level.
SNP was analyzed by 19 analysts, which is quite many. So the average rating should be quite meaningful.

Price Target & Forecast

Price Low Median Mean High 45.6628.9149.8851.6575.83 - -36.68% 9.23% 13.12% 66.08%