Technical Breakout Setups

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The Technical Breakout Setups will filter for stocks with a good Technical Rating and a good Setup Rating, leading to a list of breakout setups in the best performing stocks in the market.

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Technical Breakout Setups

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Chartmill Technical Rating and Setup Quality scores

View the technical health and setup quality of any stock with these ChartMill ratings.

Stock Screener Settings

Price: Above 20

Minimal price

Average Volume: 50 SMA > 500K

Minimal Liquidity

Chartmill TA Rating: Rating >= 7

The Technical Rating should be at least 7 in order to assure we are looking at solid technical stocks

ATR in %: ATR > 1

Minimal Volatility

Chartmill Setup Quality: SetupQ >= 7

The Setup Quality should be at least 7 to select stocks which show a decent technical setup pattern.


Chart Settings

Default chart settings

Regional Run

Run this screen in your favorite region. You can always further fine tune the screen by changing the general settings after it opened in the screener.