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Should you consider NEW YORK TIMES CO-A (NYSE:NYT) for quality investing?

By Mill Chart

Last update: May 14, 2024

In this article we will dive into NEW YORK TIMES CO-A (NYSE:NYT) as a possible candidate for quality investing. Investors should always do their own research, but we noticed NEW YORK TIMES CO-A showing up in our Caviar Cruise quality screen, which makes it worth to investigate a bit more.

What matters for quality investors.

  • The 5-year revenue growth of NEW YORK TIMES CO-A has been remarkable, with 6.77% increase. This showcases the company's strong performance in driving revenue growth and indicates its competitiveness within the market.
  • With a notable ROIC excluding cash and goodwill at 26.81%, NEW YORK TIMES CO-A demonstrates its commitment to generating sustainable returns for shareholders. This metric emphasizes the company's effective use of capital and its ability to deliver long-term value.
  • With a Debt/Free Cash Flow Ratio of 0.0, NEW YORK TIMES CO-A exhibits solid financial health and responsible debt management practices. This ratio indicates the company's ability to generate ample free cash flow to meet its debt obligations and pursue growth opportunities.
  • NEW YORK TIMES CO-A exhibits impressive Profit Quality (5-year) with a 137.0% ratio, reflecting its consistent ability to generate high-quality profits. This metric underscores the company's strong financial performance and commitment to delivering sustainable earnings.
  • NEW YORK TIMES CO-A has experienced impressive EBIT growth over the past 5 years, with 9.09% increase. This reflects the company's effective operational performance and highlights its potential for long-term financial success.
  • With EBIT 5-year growth outpacing its Revenue 5-year growth, NEW YORK TIMES CO-A showcases its effective cost management and enhanced operational performance. This suggests the company's ability to generate higher earnings from its revenue streams.

Zooming in on the fundamentals.

ChartMill assigns a proprietary Fundamental Rating to each stock. The score is computed daily by evaluating various fundamental indicators and properties. The score ranges from 0 to 10.

Overall NYT gets a fundamental rating of 6 out of 10. We evaluated NYT against 96 industry peers in the Media industry. NYT gets an excellent profitability rating and is at the same time showing great financial health properties. NYT is quite expensive at the moment. It does show a decent growth rate. With these ratings, NYT could be worth investigating further for quality investing!.

Our latest full fundamental report of NYT contains the most current fundamental analsysis.

More ideas for quality investing can be found on ChartMill in our Caviar Cruise screen.


This article should in no way be interpreted as advice in any way. The article is based on the observed metrics at the time of writing, but you should always make your own analysis and trade or invest at your own responsibility.



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