Bull Flags

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This screen finds bull flag patterns. A bull flag is a technical continuation pattern which can be observed in stocks with strong uptrends. The pattern takes shape when the stock retraces by going sideways (or by slowly declining) after an initial big rise in price. When you see the graphical representation of this pattern, you’ll notice that it somehow looks like a flag on a pole.

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Bull flag patterns occur in stocks with strong uptrends, they are considered as continuation patterns in technical analysis. The pattern is quite easy to recognize because it looks like a pole with a flag. This practical trading guide explains how to take

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Bull Flags and Pennants are powerful chart patterns in technical analysis. The are called 'continuation patterns' as the flag embeds prices that are consolidating in a range after a strong move up.

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Stock Screener Settings

Average Volume: 50 SMA > 500K

This filters for a minimum average daily volume of 500K to ensure liquidity.

Signal: Bull Flag

This filters for the bull flag pattern.

Chart Settings

The Flag pattern is shown on the charts.

Regional Run

Run this screen in your favorite region. You can always further fine tune the screen by changing the general settings after it opened in the screener.