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TickerNameTASetupVolume IncreaseRelative StrengthPerf TodayPerf 1 WeekPerf 2 WeekPerf 1 MonthPerf 3 MonthPerf 6 Month3DER5DER
SONI.LSSONAE IND.SGPS32293.02%100-1.51%-12.66%-15.13%-15.35%-9.54%30.57%-7.87%-2.35%
ASO.CAAvesoro Resources Inc.8779.43%1002.88%-0.48%0.24%3.74%10300%10300%-23.54%-6.82%
PGR.LPhoenix Global Resources Plc4845.04%100-2.51%-1.13%-3.85%11.11%-12.5%-44.44%0%0%

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