Avx Corp (AVX)

21.66  -0.06 (-0.28%)

After market: 21.67 +0.01 (+0.05%)

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Avx Corp

NYSE:AVX (3/27/2020, 8:04:07 PM)

After market: 21.67 +0.01 (+0.05%)


-0.06 (-0.28%)

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GICS SectorN/A
GICS IndustryN/A
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Market Cap3.67B
Fwd PE24.07
Dividend Yield2.12%
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AVX Daily chart

Company Profile

AVX Corporation is a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of a broad line of passive electronic components and related products. The company's passive electronic component sales include ceramic and tantalum capacitors, both in ``leaded`` and ``surface-mount`` versions, film capacitors, ferrites, varistors and non-linear resistors manufactured in the company's facilities. The company also manufactures and sells electronic connectors and distributes and sells certain connectors.

Company Info

Avx Corp



P: 864-967-2150

CEO: John Sarvis

AVX News

News Image3 years ago - AVX CorporationAVX/Ethertronics Announces Extensive Range of High-Performance, High-Reliability External Antennas

Leveraging a combination of advanced satellite and wireless communications technologies, the nine new antenna series have small, low-profile form factors ruggedized for use in a wide range of heavy-duty and harsh-environment applications and optimized for design flexibility and high-reliability, -efficiency, and -gain from 698–5,920MHz, as well as cost and time savings.

News Image4 years ago - AVX CorporationAVX and Presidio Components Settle All Outstanding Litigation
News Image4 years ago - AVX CorporationAVX Joins the SPE Industrial Partner Network

As a member of the SPE Industrial Partner Network, AVX will be actively involved in the continuing development of single-pair Ethernet (SPE) standards and compatible connectivity products, and will also serve as an ambassador of the significant space- and weight-saving advantages that SPE offers for applications including industrial, process, and building automation systems, smart city networks, and transportation systems.

News Image4 years ago - AVX CorporationAVX Earns Supplier Quality Excellence Award From GM

The award recognizes AVX Electronics Tianjin Co. Ltd., which supplies GM with proven TransGuardᵀᴹ Automotive Series multilayer varistors, for having consistently met or exceeded an extremely stringent set of quality performance criteria, including zero defects in shipped products and 100% on-time delivery, throughout calendar year 2019.

News Image4 years ago - AVX CorporationAVX Expands its Well-Proven Range of Board-to-Board Battery Connectors with the Addition of the New 9155-250 Series

The new 9155-250 Series battery connectors provide excellent electrical and mechanical performance and reliably withstand both high operating temperatures and high mating cycles in a broad range of medical, industrial, networking, and consumer electronics applications.

News Image4 years ago - AVX CorporationAVX/Ethertronics Announces its Extensive Portfolio of High-Performance, High-Efficiency Patch Antennas

The embedded on-board patch antennas have a small, low-profile form factor optimized for cross-market miniaturization trends and leverage patented isolated magnetic dipole technology to outperform competing solutions, offering higher efficiency, gain, isolation, and directivity characteristics from 1.5–2.4GHz with better return loss and minimal interference.

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