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ChartMill stock screener updates

By Kristoff De Turck

Last update: Sep 1, 2022

Beginning of a new month, time for some minor yet welcome changes and additions to the stock screener....

ADX-indicator added for screening

First thing is the addition of a technical indicator for the screener. The adx-indicator was already part of the list of indicators you can plot on a chart but now it is also possible to use it as a screening filter.

You can find the ADX filter indicator - just like the other available screening indicators - on the stock screener page, more specifically in the menu 'indicators'.

The following filters are possible:

  • rising or falling indicator
  • above or below a certain indicator value
  • upward or downward crossing of a certain indicator value

Specific filters for weekly charts are also possible.

A screening example:

Strong US stocks (high relative strength) whose A/D indicator is above 25 (indication of a strong trend) and whose price is above the 200-day average.

'Create custom view' button directly available on the stock screener page

To create a personal custom view, you used to access the dropdown menu in the blue horizontal bar on the stock screener page. That is still possible but now it can be done a lot faster since we've added a 'create custom view' button on the blue horizontal bar itself (on the right side of the bar next to the (Big Charts' item).

Drag and drop feature added when creating a personal custom view

We have implemented the drag/drop to re-order your fields in custom views. This was a much requested update and it had been on our to-do list for a while.

The ChartMill Team

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