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SIERRA WIRELESS INC. (NASDAQ:SWIR) momentum breakout alert!

By Kristoff De Turck

Last update: Jul 13, 2022

TRADING IDEA (Momentum Breakout)

Sierra Wireless Inc. engages in the provision of device-to-cloud and networking solutions. The company is headquartered in Richmond British Columbia, British Columbia and currently employs 1,007 full-time employees. Its business is comprised of connectivity services, cloud platform, routers, and embedded cellular modules. Read the full profile here.


Momentum Breakout Setup (Short term)

  1. clean breakout during last trading session (+6.4%)
  2. increased buying volume
  3. closing price higher than $25.42 (latest resistance)
  4. long term trend positive on weekly = high volume

Last earnings: 2022-05-11

Next earnings: 2022-08-10


  • Buy Stop | $25.81
  • Limit | $25.86
  • Stoploss | $23.39
  • Target | Hold between 2 - 5 days or trailing stoploss


Disclaimer: These trading ideas are merely to demonstrate what ChartMill is capable of and shows some typical results of a breakout filter. It is in no way actual financial advise to invest or trade in these stocks. The author has no pre-existing position in any of these stocks.

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