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Balancing Dividends and Fundamentals: The Case of NYSE:LMT.

By Mill Chart

Last update: Feb 19, 2024

Take a closer look at LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP (NYSE:LMT), a stock of interest to dividend investors uncovered by our stock screener. NYSE:LMT excels in fundamentals and provides a decent dividend, all while maintaining a reasonable valuation. Let's break it down further.

A Closer Look at Dividend for NYSE:LMT

ChartMill assigns a Dividend Rating to every stock. This score ranges from 0 to 10 and evaluates the different dividend aspects, including the yield, the growth and sustainability. NYSE:LMT scores a 7 out of 10:

  • LMT's Dividend Yield is rather good when compared to the industry average which is at 1.38. LMT pays more dividend than 96.83% of the companies in the same industry.
  • LMT's Dividend Yield is a higher than the S&P500 average which is at 2.48.
  • The dividend of LMT is nicely growing with an annual growth rate of 8.25%!
  • LMT has been paying a dividend for at least 10 years, so it has a reliable track record.
  • LMT has not decreased their dividend for at least 10 years, which is a reliable track record.

Assessing Health for NYSE:LMT

A critical element of ChartMill's stock evaluation is the Health Rating, which spans from 0 to 10. This rating considers multiple health factors, including liquidity and solvency, both in absolute terms and relative to industry peers. NYSE:LMT has received a 6 out of 10:

  • An Altman-Z score of 3.67 indicates that LMT is not in any danger for bankruptcy at the moment.
  • LMT has a Altman-Z score of 3.67. This is in the better half of the industry: LMT outperforms 69.84% of its industry peers.
  • The Debt to FCF ratio of LMT is 2.80, which is a good value as it means it would take LMT, 2.80 years of fcf income to pay off all of its debts.
  • LMT has a Debt to FCF ratio of 2.80. This is amongst the best in the industry. LMT outperforms 90.48% of its industry peers.

Analyzing Profitability Metrics

ChartMill's Profitability Rating offers a unique perspective on stock analysis, providing scores from 0 to 10. These ratings consider a wide range of profitability metrics and margins, both in comparison to industry peers and on their own merits. For NYSE:LMT, the assigned 8 is a significant indicator of profitability:

  • LMT's Return On Assets of 13.19% is amongst the best of the industry. LMT outperforms 96.83% of its industry peers.
  • Looking at the Return On Equity, with a value of 101.24%, LMT belongs to the top of the industry, outperforming 98.41% of the companies in the same industry.
  • LMT's Return On Invested Capital of 20.73% is amongst the best of the industry. LMT outperforms 100.00% of its industry peers.
  • The Average Return On Invested Capital over the past 3 years for LMT is significantly above the industry average of 7.86%.
  • The last Return On Invested Capital (20.73%) for LMT is above the 3 year average (20.32%), which is a sign of increasing profitability.
  • With an excellent Profit Margin value of 10.24%, LMT belongs to the best of the industry, outperforming 84.13% of the companies in the same industry.
  • LMT's Profit Margin has improved in the last couple of years.
  • With an excellent Operating Margin value of 12.73%, LMT belongs to the best of the industry, outperforming 84.13% of the companies in the same industry.

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This article should in no way be interpreted as advice in any way. The article is based on the observed metrics at the time of writing, but you should always make your own analysis and trade or invest at your own responsibility.



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