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Wednesday's session: gap up and gap down stock in the S&P500 index

By Mill Chart

Last update: Jul 10, 2024

Gap analysis of S&P500 on 2024-07-10: gap up and gap down stocks in today's session.

Today's top gap down stocks

DECK-8.52%Unfortunate news for DECKERS OUTDOOR CORP's (NYSE:DECK) stock! It registered a 8.52% decline to $859.08 in today's session, accompanied by a 10.21% gap. In the last 6 months the stock gained 32.88%.
INTU-3.91%During Wednesday's session, INTUIT INC's (NASDAQ:INTU) stock price decreased by 3.91% to $624.99 with a significant 5.41% gap. Yesterday the company had a press release: Intuit Stock Ready to Soar: RBC Sees Big Upside with GenAI.
FICO-3.74%During Wednesday's session, FAIR ISAAC CORP's (NYSE:FICO) stock price decreased by 3.74% to $1.51K with a significant 5.01% gap. In the last 3 months the share price increased with 33.38%.
CRWD-3.42%CROWDSTRIKE HOLDINGS INC - A's (NASDAQ:CRWD) shares declined by 3.42% to $372.67, showing a 6.53% gap in today's session. In the last 3 months the share price increased with 24.86%.
GNRC-3.15%GENERAC HOLDINGS INC's (NYSE:GNRC) shares declined by 3.15% to $138.35, showing a 4.01% gap in today's session.
ACN-2.42%Unfortunate news for ACCENTURE PLC-CL A's (NYSE:ACN) stock! It registered a 2.42% decline to $290.84 in today's session, accompanied by a 2.79% gap. A press release (Accenture Acquires Cientra to Expand Silicon Design Capabilities) was released earlier today.
MA-2.27%MASTERCARD INC - A's (NYSE:MA) stock price decreased by 2.27% to $434.61 with a gap of 2.9%.
WBD-2.18%WARNER BROS DISCOVERY INC's (NASDAQ:WBD) shares fell 2.18% to $7.18 during Wednesday's session with a gap of 2.58%. Shareholders saw the stock price going 31.08% lower is the past 6 months.
FI-2.12%FISERV INC's (NYSE:FI) shares recorded a 2.12% decline to $147.88, with a notable 2.72% gap during today's session.
CRM-1.9%In today's session, SALESFORCE INC's (NYSE:CRM) stock witnessed a 1.9% fall to $247.64 with a 3.64% gap. A press release (UiPath’s GenAI Expansion Could Skyrocket Its Value - Rally Ahead?) was released yesterday.

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