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Which stocks are moving before the opening bell on Friday?

By Mill Chart

Last update: Nov 17, 2023

Get insights into the top gainers and losers of Friday's pre-market session.

Today's pre-market gainers

WLGS150.0%Pre-market trading on Friday showed positive momentum for WANG & LEE GROUP INC (NASDAQ:WLGS), as the stock price advanced 150.0% to reach $1.0. Despite the -18.37% decrease in share value just yesterday, today's pre-market session for NASDAQ:WLGS demonstrates a notable recovery, instilling renewed confidence.
GPS19.09%The pre-market session on Friday saw a significant rise in GAP INC/THE's (NYSE:GPS) shares, climbing 19.09% to $16.28. The stock is trading 31.95% higher than 3 months ago.
MRIN16.36%The pre-market session on Friday saw a significant rise in MARIN SOFTWARE INC's (NASDAQ:MRIN) shares, climbing 16.36% to $0.32. A press release (Alumni Ventures Double Leads With Marin’s Budget Optimization) was released two days ago.
TNXP15.43%TONIX PHARMACEUTICALS HOLDIN (NASDAQ:TNXP) rose 15.43% to $0.54 during Friday's pre-market session. The stock is trading 48.84% lower than 3 months ago.
SGBX14.89%During Friday's pre-market trading, SAFE & GREEN HOLDINGS CORP (NASDAQ:SGBX) demonstrated strong momentum, with the stock price rising 14.89% to $0.84. Yesterday's gain of 82.02% continues in today's pre-market with 14.89%.
HUBCW14.52%The pre-market session on Friday saw a significant rise in HUB CYBER SECURITY LTD-28's (NASDAQ:HUBCW) shares, climbing 14.52% to $0.02. In the last month the stock lost 53.38%.
SBEV14.42%Investors witnessed a remarkable surge in SPLASH BEVERAGE GROUP INC (NYSEARCA:SBEV) during Friday's pre-market session, with the stock price rising 14.42% to $0.53. Today's pre-market session indicates a recovery for NYSEARCA:SBEV after suffering a -12.07% loss in the previous trading day. Yesterday the company had a press release: Splash Beverage Group's Copa di Vino Brand Received Walmart's Coveted Golden Ticket Award for Its Lineup of Premium Single Serve Wine.
TCON14.13%TRACON PHARMACEUTICALS INC (NASDAQ:TCON) recorded a 14.13% increase in share price during the pre-market session, reaching $0.18 on Friday. Shareholders saw the stock price going 30.48% lower in the past 3 months.
CISS12.97%During Friday's pre-market session, C3IS INC (NASDAQ:CISS) exhibited strong growth, with the stock price climbing 12.97% to $0.47. Earlier today the company had a press release: BestGrowthStocks.Com Issues Comprehensive Analysis on C3is Inc..
RNLX11.65%During Friday's pre-market session, RENALYTIX AI PLC-ADR (NASDAQ:RNLX) experienced a 11.65% increase, with the stock price reaching $0.67. In the last month the stock lost 54.2%.

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Today's pre-market losers

BBLG-37.19%Despite yesterday's decline, BONE BIOLOGICS CORP (NASDAQ:BBLG) experienced a further 37.19% decrease in share price during Friday's pre-market session, reaching $0.49. Following yesterday's gain of 43.62%, NASDAQ:BBLG experiences a 37.19% decrease in today's pre-market session, indicating a pullback from the previous session's performance. A press release (Bone Biologics Announces Registered Direct Offering Priced At-the-Market Under Nasdaq Rules) was released yesterday.
CHPT-29.07%CHARGEPOINT HOLDINGS INC's (NYSE:CHPT) shares experienced a 29.07% decline, falling to $2.22 during Friday's pre-market session. A press release (ChargePoint Provides Certain Preliminary Third Quarter Financial Results and Schedules Earnings Call for December 6, 2023) was released yesterday.
DXLG-18.98%The stock price of DESTINATION XL GROUP INC (NASDAQ:DXLG) is experiencing a decline of 18.98%, reaching $3.8 in today's pre-market session on Friday. DESTINATION XL GROUP INC released earnings Yesterday. Earlier today the company had a press release: Destination XL Group, Inc. Reports Third Quarter Financial Results.
ACON-16.71%Today's pre-market session reveals a 16.71% decline in the stock price of ACLARION INC (NASDAQ:ACON), now priced at $0.29. After a strong performance yesterday with a 11.08% gain, NASDAQ:ACON shows signs of retracement with a 16.71% decline in today's pre-market session.
CAMP-15.39%CALAMP CORP's (NASDAQ:CAMP) stock price decreased by 15.39% to $0.32. The stock is trading 52.87% higher than a month ago.
IMPL-13.32%Today's pre-market session reveals a 13.32% decline in the stock price of IMPEL PHARMACEUTICALS INC (NASDAQ:IMPL), now priced at $0.31. Yesterday's 26.83% gain in NASDAQ:IMPL gives way to a 13.32% decrease in today's pre-market session, showcasing market fluctuations.
CDTX-11.57%CIDARA THERAPEUTICS INC's (NASDAQ:CDTX) stock price is declining with 11.57% to a price of $0.71. In the last 6 months the stock lost 38.24%.
KORE-11.43%KORE GROUP HOLDINGS INC's (NYSE:KORE) shares fell 11.43% to $0.62 during Friday's pre-market session. Following yesterday's gain of 58.87%, NYSE:KORE experiences a 11.43% decrease in today's pre-market session, indicating a pullback from the previous session's performance.
PXMD-10.89%PAXMEDICA INC's (NASDAQ:PXMD) stock price decreased by 10.89% to $1.8. Yesterday's -16.53% decline during the regular session set the stage for further downside, as NASDAQ:PXMD experienced an additional drop of 10.89% in today's pre-market session.
IFBD-10.85%Investors observed a 10.85% decline in INFOBIRD CO LTD's (NASDAQ:IFBD) stock price, which now stands at $0.09 during Friday's pre-market session. In the last 3 months the share price dropped with 61.69%.

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