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Annotation Tool

By Aldwin Keppens - reviewed by Kristoff De Turck

Last update: Apr 19, 2024

In Chartmill there is a possibility to easily annotate your charts. This can be done both in the stock charts section as in the stock screener section on our website.

To start, make sure you have displayed at least one chart on your screen in the stock charts or screener output. Once you have results, you can click the "crayon-icon" in the results header bar:


After clicking, the annotation bar will now appear on top of the screen.


Finally, select a tool and click in the chart to start annotating!

A quick overview of all available tools:

  1. Selection tool.
  2. Draw a line.
  3. Draw a (transparant) Circle
  4. Draw a (transparant) filled Circle
  5. Horizontal line that changes color depending support/resistance.
  6. Horizontal line
  7. Vertical line
  8. Free draw
  9. Draw a (transparant) rectangle
  10. Draw a (transparant) filled rectangle
  11. Inspect: shows precise OHLC for each candle on hover
  12. Text annotation.
  13. Fibonacci retracement lines.
  14. Arrow.
  15. Undo.
  16. Clear all.
  17. Save to computer.18 Color picker.
  18. Color picker. This can be used with each drawing action.
  19. Border thickness of annotations.
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