Moving Average Pullbacks (bullish)

Moving Average Pullbacks (bullish) Image

A screen for stocks in a rising trend whose price has recently fallen slightly. These retracements can be used to take long positions in that specific stock.

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Stock Screener Settings

sma20: SMA(20) Above SMA(50)


sma50: SMA(50) Rising


sma50: SMA(50) Above SMA(200)


Price: Above 5

Minimum Price

Price VS SMA: Price Above SMA(50)

as part of the pullback, price above SMA20

sma20: SMA(20) Rising


Average Volume: 50 SMA > 500K

Minimal Liquidity

Price VS SMA: Price Below SMA(20)

as part of the pullback, price below SMA20

sma200: SMA(200) Rising

to identify the Long Term Trend of the stockprice

sma20: SMA(20) Above SMA(200)


Exchange: US Only

Only US stocks


Chart Settings

EOD screen, based on daily candles

Regional Run

Run this screen in your favorite region. You can always further fine tune the screen by changing the general settings after it opened in the screener.