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Chartmill Credits and Subscription Plans

Monthly Subscription


Unlimited access to analyzer reports
Unlimited access to screener
Unlimited watchlists & saved settings
Intraday charts, And much more ...
Monthly payments

Yearly Subscription


Unlimited access to analyzer reports
Unlimited access to screener
Unlimited watchlists & saved settings
Intraday charts, And much more ...
Yearly payments ($21.67/month), you save 28% or 100$!

Buy Credits

$10/10K credits

Access to analyzer reports
Access to screener
Unlimited watchlists & saved settings
Intraday charts, And much more ...
One time payment, full access to all features, just for the amount of credits bought.

Notes / FAQ

  • A subscription is a monthly or yearly recurring payment. You can cancel a subscription at any time.. You are guaranteed the same monthly or yearly price on recurring payments as long as you keep your subscription .
  • A subscription gives you unlimited access. There will never be any additional costs.
  • Nothing changes to the market data. All data is 15 minutes delayed, also with a subscription. (LSE data is EOD)
  • All payments happen through PayPal. We use PayPal to make sure your payments and credit card data is processed in a secure manner. If you don't have an account, just follow the link and click "Pay using your credit or debit card" ... it will create your account automatically.
  • If you want a company subscription or if you have any other questions, use our contact page.
  • Only buy credits when you fully understand the credit system! Apologies for the red colour, but this is important to understand. Adding some credits to your free credits is a good idea when you have a fixed routine, for instance checking a couple of screens per week and you are just a bit short on credits. When you are still experimenting, you can easily spend all your credits in a couple of minutes. In this case we advise a monthly subscription, which you can cancel at any time, but will give you at least one month to experiment more.

Additional Info on Credits and Subscriptions

The table on the right side explaines the number of credits charged for each action. In your account page you will find an overview of your historical credit usage.

As a registered Chartmill user you will receive each month 6000 credits for free to use Chartmill. Every feature remains fully available until you run out of free credits.

If you want to use Chartmill more intensively you can easily do so by buying extra credits. These credits never expire so you can determine HOW and WHEN you'll spend them.

For regular users we offer monthly or yearly subscription plans. For only as low as 21.67$ per month you can use Chartmill without limitations.

How can I save money with Chartmill ?

  • Always save your prefered chart settings! Each time you generate a chart, you will be charged for the chart. So if you add and remove indicators, each time the full amount of credits will be charged. Using saved settings immediately applies the settings you want.
  • Always save your favorite screens! This will take you immediately to the right screener configuration. Adding and removing filters in the screener will charge credits for the full page.
  • Always set your favorite chart or screener settings as default. This will cause these settings to be applied whenever you visit the charts or screener module.
  • Using the table view in the screener does not show any charts and will be the cheapest option while experimenting.
  • OR ... subscribe for unlimited usage and you don't have to worry about all this.


  • Holding 100 items in 1 watchlist will cost 101 credits per day, so will approximately require 3030 credits per month.
  • A page showing an intraday chart, larger than 800 pixels with 3 indicators on the chart will cost 20 + 5 + ( 3 * 3) or 34 credits. Showing 5 charts on the same page will cost 170(5 * 34) credits.
  • A page from a screener with 5 filters will cost 5 * 12 or 60 credits.
  • The same page, but showing 20 charts instead of the table output will cost 60 (for the page) + 200 for the charts, assuming the charts have no indicators and are not wider than 800 pixels

Credit Overview

  • 2 per day Store a saved setting
  • 1 per day A watchlist
  • 1 per day A watchlist item
  • 500 Analyzer report
  • 10 View a chart
  • 20 View a intraday chart
  • 3 An indicator on a chart
  • 5 A chart above 800px wide
  • 12 A filter in the screener
  • 75 A screen on an historical date.
  • 30 Exporting screener data, per filter, per page.