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3 Fundamental Trading Ideas Added to the Screener

By Kristoff De Turck

Last update: May 27, 2023

We are pleased to announce the addition of three new articles and matching trading ideas for multiple investment strategies.

All three are based on multiple fundamental analysis filters. Each provides you with valuable knowledge and insights to further optimize your investment strategy.

So let's take a closer look at each article:

Martin Zweig Stock Screener: Growth at a Reasonable Price

trading idea martin zweig

In this article, we examine the Martin Zweig screener settings, which focuses on identifying stocks with strong growth potential while considering their valuation. This trading idea specifically looks for growth stocks that are not (yet) overpriced.

Tiny Titans: O'Shaughnessy Microcap Stock Screener

trading idea o shaughnessy

The article 'Tiny Titans: O'Shaughnessy Microcap Stock Screener', takes a closer look at a strategy that targets promising microcap stocks. Discover the key criteria of this screening technique that will help you identify potential hidden gems in the market.

Peter Lynch Investment Criteria in the Stock Screener

trading idea Peter Lynch

Finally, we delve into the investment criteria of legendary investor Peter Lynch. This trading idea contains the principles Lynch used to achieve remarkable success when he worked as a manager for Fidelity Magellan Fund. This article highlights how you can integrate Lynch's strategies into your own investment approach.

We invite you to explore these new screens on our 'trading ideas' page and use the knowledge these legendary investors provide to enhance your investment strategies.

By integrating fundamental analysis and proven investment techniques, you can make more informed decisions about your investment portfolio.

Want to learn more about growth stock selection criteria? We recently posted a detailed article that goes into more detail about the criteria you can use to look for typical growth stocks. More info in this post ''Growth Investing Stock Screener Criteria".

Stay tuned for more valuable content as we continue to expand our resources and provide you with the tools needed to successfully navigate the world of investing!

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