Getting started with chartmill

Welcome to the ChartMill documentation center!
Chartmill is focused on stock analysis and screening. The goal is to find you the best trading setups every day, with minimum time spent.

We realize there is a lot here. In this article, we will gently introduce you to different features in chartmill.

1) Start with the analyzer.


You can open the Analyzer here or by clicking on the ‘analyzer’ top level menu item.
The analyzer was designed to make things as easy as possible. It will present a full report on any stock you want.

For more information on the Analyzer and its usage, check this documentation section.


2) Check out the shared screens.

The shared screens section can be found right next to the analyzer in the top level menu:


The Shared Screens page contains a list of screens (which are screener configurations) that have been shared by our users and ourselves:

  • The list is sorted by popularity of the screen. So the first items shown are most popular.
  • When you click the eye-icon, you can see a short description of what the screen does. For the most popular screens there is also a link to a more in depth description of the screen.
  • Clicking the title or the ‘run this screen’ button will take you to the screener.

As mentioned, several screens have extended documentation. It is probably a good idea to read through these to familiarize yourself with several chartmill concepts. Here are some direct links to these articles:

The screener section of the documentation has several more entries on screening.  The article on Mean Reversion screening could be a good read.

 3) Get familiar with some chartmill proprietary concepts.

In our documentation, check out the ‘Indicators’ section. Interesting reads could be:

4) Read some of our published articles.

Chartmill regularly publishes in depth articles in Traders Magazine of Stock & Commodities. You can find these articles in our publications sections.