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Annotation Tool

In Chartmill there is a possibility to easily annotate your charts.  This can be done both in the charts section as in the  screener- section on our website.

Let’s start by annotating a chart in the charts section.



Fill in some tickers in the text field and hit “go!”


Click the “crayon-icon” next to your charts.  The annotation bar will now appear on top of the screen.



Finally, select a tool and click in the chart to start annotating!

A quick overview of all available tools:


1 - Selection tool.
2 - Draw a line.
3,4 - 
Circle (transparant) or filled circle.
5 - 
Horizontal line that changes color depending support/resistance.
6,7 - 
Simple horizontal / vertical line.
8 - 
Free draw.
9,10 - 
Rectangle (transparant) or filled.
11 –
Shows precise OHLC for each candle.
12 –
Text annotation.
13 –
Fibonacci retracement lines.
14 –
15 –
16 –
Clear all.
17 –
Save to computer.
18 –
Color picker
19 –
Border thickness of annotations