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Strong Stocks

Relative Strength is a great tool for finding stocks that outperform most of the other stocks. However, sometimes just looking at high relative strength stocks does not find us what we are looking for. Stocks that make a sudden jump of a thousand % will have a high relative strength by definition.
This is why we introduced Strong Stocks. Strong stocks have:

  • A high relative strength
  • A consistent performance over the last year

So Strong Stocks are those stocks that show a nice uptrend. Typically the market leaders will fall into this category.

Strong Stocks in the screener

Strong stocks can be filtered for in the screener by selecting ‘strong stocks’ in one of the ‘signal’ filters in the technical tab:


If you look at the weekly charts of all strong stocks, you will see nice uptrends and will meet lots of stocks that are generally considered market leaders. Check here.