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Subscription – How to limit credit usage?

TIP 1: Always save your preferred chart settings!

Each time you generate a chart, you will be charged for the chart. So if you add and remove indicators, each time the full amount of credits will be charged. Using saved settings immediately applies the settings you want.

TIP 2: Always save your favorite screens!

This will take you immediately to the right screener configuration. Adding and removing filters in the screener will charge credits for the full page.

TIP 3: Always set your favorite chart or screener settings as default.

This will cause these settings to be applied whenever you visit the charts or screener module.

TIP 4: Using the table view

Using the table view in the screener does not show any charts and will be the cheapest option while experimenting.

OR … subscribe for unlimited usage and you don’t have to worry about all this :D