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Chartmill Credits

Chartmill has a credit system in place. Every action you perform on chartmill, like requesting a chart  or running a screen consumes a certain amount of credits. For the exact details on how many credits are charged per action, you can check the table on our subscription page.

As long as you have credits available there are no restrictions on the site. On the first day of each month,¬†chartmill hands out 6000 free credits to every account. As long as your usage is below 6000 credits per month, chartmill is completely free of charge. Credits also never expire, so if you don’t use chartmill for a month or so, the credits will remain in your account and 6000 new free credits will be added for the next month. However, we stop adding credits when they keep piling up and would go over 50K.

Once you run out of credits, the site will be restricted. Some of the following restrictions will apply:

  • No more intraday charts
  • Only the first 3 results will be visible in the screener.
  • No more reports from the analyzer.
  • Only 1 chart can be viewed at a time.
  • Charts will be limited in size.

When you subscribe to chartmill on our subscription page, all restrictions will be removed and you will have an unlimited amount of credits. (This is why we call it an all you can eat subscription). On top on having no restrictions, you will also get rid of the advertisements.

If your usage is in between, too much for free usage but too light for a subscription, we allow to buy individual credits. You can always check your historical credit usage in your account page.

Subscriptions and other payments are handled through paypal, so all payment information is secure. We are not storing any credit card or related information in our systems.