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12 How do I use the proprietary position sizing tool?

In these following steps, we will show you how to use the proprietary position sizing tool:

  1. First make sure you are logged in successfully.
  2. You can find the position sizing tool in both our charts and our screener.
    Let’s show it in action on our charts …
  3. Put some ticker symbols in the text field and hit the Go! button.
  4. Click on the “eye- icon” (eye) next to your charts.
  5. Click in one of your charts to pre-load the selected ticker into the position sizing tool  …
  6. To calculate the number of shares you can buy, click the right mouse button on your chart and choose “entry here”.
  7. Same for your exit point (or stop loss)
  8. To change the  default settings go to the “my account” settings.
  9. Alter your settings manually and hit the save button …

Extra: To use our position sizing tool in the screener just make sure to use a “chart view” instead of the standard “table view” (or check our documentation center for more information on how to alter your screen output).  After you did this, just use the same icon to access the position sizing tool.