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11 How do I change the view in the stock screener?

Changing the screener view output can be done following these steps:

  1. On the website click on Stock Screener in the menu bar.
  2. Create your screen.
  3. Locate the settings icon (Settings) on the bottom right of the page.
  4. Select a different view.
  5. Here you can find a list of all available views:
    1. Table – displays all results in an overview table.
    2. Quick Charts – displays small charts so users can quickly run through a visual overview of all candidates.
    3. Technical – Shows an extended technical overview of each candidate.
    4. CSV – Shows all results in a CSV list so users can copy- paste them in other software.
    5. Charts – shows bigger charts in the screen output results. ┬áThese charts can be enlarged and users can add frequently used indicators to them. Default settings can also be applied.
    6. Quotes – Shows the chart and scores of the most important technical measures.
    7. StockTwits – StockTwits integration for each ticker in the scan can be found below each chart.
  6. You can always check in which view you’re currently by looking at the text message above.