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08 How do I create my first stock screen?

In these following steps, we will guide you in creating your first screen with Chartmill:

  1. On the website click on Stock Screener in the menu bar.
    For this first scan, we’ll hunt for stocks with a minimum price of 5$ and an average traded volume of 500.000 shares showing a golden cross.
  2. Click on the Price list and select Above 5.
  3. Click on the Average Volume list and select 50 SMA > 500K 
  4. Click on the Technical tab
  5. Click on the Signal list and choose Golden Cross
    Notice how Chartmill adds (once again) a number next to the tab
  6. Hover over a ticker with your mouse cursor to retrieve a quick chart of each stock.
  7. Notice how Chartmill automatically ranks the results in a Table View sorted by relative strength.  Of course this can be changed to your preferences!